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Mario Games

Screens from Mario Forever version 4.0 and Mario Worker.

 Posted by Admin_BGS on 19.09.2006 18:44:34 Read More · 161 Comments · 5081 Reads 

I throwed some screens from the newest version of Mario Forever to show the most vulnerable changes in the last version. The relase date is near but I can say that Mario Forever will not be released this month - the file actualization on host server was requested yesterday, and such process takes at least 15 days. Interested may go and see the gallery below. 

Best regards for ya all.
Your Buziol Games Software Admin


Mario Games
Mario Games
Mario Games
Mario Games


Iridi on 19.09.2006 18:55:29
Add more! IT looks like a gallery hihihi
Iridi on 19.09.2006 18:57:46
hahaha I am the first member who post here hihihi!
Luckyly for me I see Admin_BGS when he has just add this news
Amusti on 19.09.2006 19:00:19
Wonderful! (I hope I didnīt "sound" like gay...)
I canīt wait the newest version! Yipppeeee!!!! Just a moment and I can sleep
again! (just joking heh......)
Amusti on 19.09.2006 19:02:25
I was second, Iridi! BUHAHAHA!!!
conker_the crazy Goomba on 19.09.2006 19:11:17
Exellent !
The level editor is great
Jüri on 19.09.2006 19:51:11
WOW! Already screens are awesome!
Jüri on 19.09.2006 19:53:53
Can anyone tell me when this versio comes out?
Hoody on 19.09.2006 20:31:03
any new mario game written in this way will look good and play great. Even the older versions are still playable from time to time even when mastered 
Ketchupyoshi_like_screens on 19.09.2006 20:38:42
Add more screens! Oh, and will the game be released by Octobor 10th? Just wondering...
Admin_BGS on 19.09.2006 21:11:10
Iridi this is a NEWS EXTENSION not a gallery section type or something like that.
Bitsy1 on 19.09.2006 22:13:21
Love it Love it Love it
Pardon my dumb but i need help on 1/4 I have 2 cross over planks but after i get past the 2 revolving fire balls there is a big gap but no bridge
what am i missing Thanks so much
Hoody on 19.09.2006 23:07:36
Yo buzman I don't have my edit buttons available now on these things. I need them back to remove the unrelated BS posts
Admin_BGS on 19.09.2006 23:21:09
Hi HoodyWoodyMan   . Forum or Shoutbox or Profile edit buttons?
BruMarLui on 20.09.2006 02:51:32
OH MI GOD!!! Mario Forever 4.0! I've been waiting so long for this! But why didn't u put Luigi as a playable character, and why didn't u change the princess to be saved according to the selected character (Mario saves Peach, Luigi saves Daisy)? But anyways, thanks for putting The Lost Map on the new version,  can't wait for the release!
Piranhafreak on 20.09.2006 02:55:34
i aint happy.....
Piranhafreak on 20.09.2006 03:01:14
progress:WHO CARES i aint gonna care about this when its released due to the progress: 6 MONTHS OR MORE!
Piranhafreak on 20.09.2006 03:03:04
plus the comment box will be blocked here
the fish on 20.09.2006 04:49:48
Awesome! How long until finished?
the fish on 20.09.2006 04:49:56
Awesome! How long until finished?
Iridi on 20.09.2006 07:01:55
I like this name when I was not a member here...
Admin_BGS please tell us what will be new on this version!
Iridi on 20.09.2006 07:06:56
Do not spam here or Admin_Fastidious will lock this 2 Develop pages
Iridi on 20.09.2006 07:08:00
and please make 2nd page if this page is too long...
Iridi on 20.09.2006 07:18:22
ALSO erase Mario 4.0 Develop page.... We dont need it now, Create a new page if you will release next version of 4.0
yoshiman on 20.09.2006 07:22:48
so they wont make 2nd page and guests are gonna spam again SO
cool! on 20.09.2006 07:49:41
hey, how is the "weight" of this game? about 20~35 MB???   I cant download because I use dial connection
Iridi on 20.09.2006 12:04:20
yes, I may too...I use dial connection too...
zebdal on 20.09.2006 14:45:46
aaaaaaaaahhhhh. i'm happy.
AppleNinja on 20.09.2006 14:53:23
This is totally awesome buziol, i mean level editor and lost map screen takes it all, you must be extremly good at game making caus im only a rookie
Hoody on 20.09.2006 16:53:35
the BIGGER the better  ...... more code means more "stuff" and graphics   I also use dialup, can D/L it using a downloader, or use a buddy's cable 

Yo Buz I'm talkin bout edit like on here dude.
Iridi on 20.09.2006 17:17:56
Admin_BGS you are ROCK at making mini games!
GTR_boy on 20.09.2006 17:38:33
its cool is the game ready to download 

mario forever 4.o
Diddy on 20.09.2006 18:26:42
Wow, 4.0 is going to be released next month!   but I have to study....
Piranhafreak on 20.09.2006 18:36:01
pff next month then they say next month
Iridi on 20.09.2006 18:36:52
yes, study and study...
I hate learn by heart too much...  Doing exercises is much fun!
Heartless Bowser on 20.09.2006 18:47:15
Verrrrrrry cool man!

Keep up the good work!
Piranhafreak on 21.09.2006 01:52:49
i just cam back frum school
Diddy on 21.09.2006 16:24:51
hey why i cant use some smileys here and at shoutbox??? such as  ,  ,   .....
WebCM on 21.09.2006 18:36:32
Good work. I'm waiting for more screenshots. 
Hoody on 21.09.2006 22:03:33
 lol you got em walkin the floor at night now buzman hahaha   it will be a mad rush when M4 is posted lololol 
Percy1214 on 21.09.2006 22:31:01
The Mario Worker is looking cool! Im really looking forward to this, Keep up the good work Buzg!
Percy1214 on 21.09.2006 22:48:12
Yeah, When MF4.0 comes out I can see it getting 100000 downloads in a day!lol
Birdman on 22.09.2006 01:31:05
Did you know mario forever has been criticized?????????????????? Make the new one be a bit more forgiving. You should be a bit more way off when stomping on enemies. Invisible ? blocks should still appear after you die.
Put some beautiful parallax scrolling in the backround.
I can't use any smileys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Iridi on 22.09.2006 12:17:59
yes, some smileys were erased...
PsyBird on 22.09.2006 12:38:34
I can't wait untol I finally can create my own levels.
I mean....
Very cool.
Great Work.
Keet it up, Buziol!
karzahnii on 22.09.2006 14:49:21
Holy crap. This is so awesome! Please let it be out by at least 2 weeks!!!
king on 22.09.2006 18:26:55
its seem its that the new version is cooler signuter:[img]C:\Documents and Settings\mohammad 95\Desktop\king.JPG[/img]
Zjuza on 22.09.2006 18:35:25
Wow, its really great, so next month is going o be released?
its for 10 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr Eggman on 22.09.2006 18:35:54
Looks very sweet! I think it WILL be cool game.
Iridi on 23.09.2006 06:17:45
Yes, very cool! 
Iridi on 23.09.2006 06:18:57
Piranhafreak on 23.09.2006 09:40:08
cool it works! so its admin_BGS's site!!
Piranhafreak on 23.09.2006 10:08:18
does color text work on here lemme just try i am cool
Admin_BGS on 23.09.2006 17:30:34
yoshiman please do not flood a worthless comments   like here you do that
Diddy on 23.09.2006 17:53:03
admin BGS please do not double post :B
Diddy on 23.09.2006 17:54:09
yes Bowser do not spam here! and hey why dont you erase his comment?! 
Iridi on 23.09.2006 18:02:57
Admin_BGS on 23.09.2006 18:27:14
Dear people this page is a Mario Forever 4.0 screens comments page, so please post things only about this topic.
Iridi on 23.09.2006 18:34:31
ok.... I think so too! 
Iridi on 23.09.2006 18:42:30
Dailyman on 23.09.2006 20:54:51
Friggin' Sweet!
Piranhafreak on 23.09.2006 20:58:56
k i wont anyways whats the progress? 87%?
reinforcedmaster on 23.09.2006 21:45:20
It looks very great, the level editor is so much goood!!
I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait, .....
Rean2 on 24.09.2006 02:33:47
yoshiman: I think the game is completed 100% But Admin_BGS has to wait for the server etc. and fix some bugs that may come up. Its practicly a BETA.
pierpaoloGT on 24.09.2006 04:45:25
it probabaly be realeased next month, which starts in like 8 days....dont worry, i think the extra wait is a good idea... liek c'mon...this ones got a LEVEL EDITOR man!
pierpaoloGT on 24.09.2006 04:46:15
woops i was trying to put a smily in lol
but they don seem to be working for me...weird
Iridi on 24.09.2006 05:55:49
nicholas rose on 24.09.2006 08:22:10
I think this page is quite good. I wish iridi were online now 
Denis on 24.09.2006 13:55:15
Who is the BEST ?

BUZIOL is the BEST !!!
Denis on 24.09.2006 13:58:09
! 3 Hurai For Buziol
Denis on 24.09.2006 14:01:06
I Love "Buziol Games Software®"
Shyguy fan on 24.09.2006 14:41:15
mario forever 4.0 rulez!Intresting can I sent my own levels to this site?
Admin_BGS on 24.09.2006 15:13:30
Archan - all registered users will be able to send their own levels 
Admin_BGS on 24.09.2006 15:16:39
Rean2 - You're right game project is finished. Now only i'm waiting for dedicated server permission and i'm trying to fix some bugs 
Russian Guy on 24.09.2006 15:38:52
McGazza on 24.09.2006 17:08:50
Excellent, It looks great and i cant wait! Good rhyme for you lol. Anyway not to sound sad but It would be cool If you put a screenie of Mario in gameplay like on a level. But well done buziol, you put a lot of hard work into this game 
Iridi on 24.09.2006 17:48:55
I cant wait for a month...
Iridi on 24.09.2006 18:10:53
Will there be Luigi here? Or did you make Jumping Lui more cool, BGS? 
Admin_BGS on 24.09.2006 19:05:22
Yep I've added Jumping Lui, now is more powerful and It gives higher jumps than before.
Shyguy fan on 24.09.2006 19:13:19
Is there any new items or enemies?In Mario Worker I saw golden piranha plant.
Shyguy fan on 24.09.2006 19:16:40
Yoshiman,the progress is 100%.We're only waiting for release date.
quyen on 24.09.2006 20:07:22
Admin_BGS on 24.09.2006 21:44:57
Archan meybe this looks like gold but this is a red plant 
Birdman on 25.09.2006 02:02:09
Parallax scrolling would be cool. why can't I use smileys?????
Percy1214 on 25.09.2006 03:07:46
Well, Admin_BGS said at the shoutbox there will be no more hardcore worlds but we can make our own! That will be fun!
AppleNinja on 25.09.2006 05:32:26
Lol BGS does it shoot fire

That would be hardcore

I think you should make a Mario FOrever 4.0 gallery option at the top cau everyone is nagging and going offtopic
AppleNinja on 25.09.2006 05:33:21
Also with the level editor can you like set the time limit you have and stuff?
Birdman on 25.09.2006 05:47:21
Parallax scrolling would be cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AppleNinja on 25.09.2006 11:18:34
You have a good taste NSMBkid i like that stuff too, its just im not sure if he is changing the game play.
Diddy on 25.09.2006 12:07:43
BGS iridi want a Jumping Lui that make us do double-jump! Not jump higher! 
He displayed this idea on Mario Develop page but now it is....Double-jump will help wont die by falling to death   Ok if some1 played MegamanX4 or may know that Zero can do double-jump...
Diddy on 25.09.2006 12:09:43
ok BGS if you made this Jumping Lui as Iridi idea it would be as great as Fire Flower! 
Diddy on 25.09.2006 12:11:51
and tell us is there any newMINI-GAMES!   i think Bowser Battle would be a great mini-game   (also from Iridi idea)
Diddy on 25.09.2006 12:13:11
AppleNinja on 25.09.2006 14:09:18
Lol iridi you post heaps
AppleNinja on 25.09.2006 14:10:00
Yeah thats what i wanna know to diddy, oh wait he said 4.0 is his last version until he makes mf 2!
AppleNinja on 25.09.2006 14:10:55
NSMBkid you can use smileys its just you have to type the code like : ) without a space.
AppleNinja on 25.09.2006 14:11:37
I just want the tup smileys and all that back so badly.
AppleNinja on 25.09.2006 14:12:27
Iridi also it shows in the pics what will be new.
AppleNinja on 25.09.2006 14:13:37
The lost map, the new colorized menu screens, maybe he added joystick mode or sumthin aswell. The mario worker to!
Shyguy fan on 25.09.2006 15:12:57
When Mario Forever 4.0 will be finished,I will create Hardcore world till 8-4!!!
Krki on 25.09.2006 15:41:01
I have always dreamed of having a Mario level game maker.I have downloaded Myster Muszel a week ago,it's nice but not as nice as Mario Forever.I can hardly wait to make levels for Mario Forever.Thank Buziol!You are simply the best! ''TI SI NAJBOLJI,NAJBOLJI'' on Serbian ''You are the best,the best.''
Krki on 25.09.2006 15:44:17
Where are the hardcore worlds? I cannot find them! Can somebody please help me?
Iridi on 25.09.2006 17:57:21
It look great! I see new enemies on the pic...Green Piranha, Blue Piranha, Gold Flower (tube)...
enricothedark on 25.09.2006 18:21:51
wiiario on 25.09.2006 20:24:48
please PLEASE come to MEEEEEEEEEEEE I WANT V4.00000000000000
if you dont i will feast on you blood and bones
Shyguy fan on 25.09.2006 22:01:45
I hope mf4.0 has 2player.:/
Piranhafreak on 26.09.2006 03:02:24
in this game can u put gigabowser for last boss!plzz  also admin bgs how are u gonna put time?like dark samus said
joshember00 on 26.09.2006 03:19:43
am excited with the new mario! cant wait!!!!!!!! got reason again to stay up late.... hehehehehe
Iridi on 26.09.2006 07:40:25
hope I can add my own mp3 songs to the levels....add dkc2 
AppleNinja on 26.09.2006 08:26:17
That would be cool!
AppleNinja on 26.09.2006 08:26:43
Anyway this will be a big rush to get.
Iridi on 26.09.2006 08:34:24
yes cool! dkc2 music is the best   i would like to add them 
Iridi on 26.09.2006 08:35:04
MF 4.0 is so cool 
Iridi on 26.09.2006 08:35:50
Mario Worker is so cool too 
Iridi on 26.09.2006 08:36:36
and level editor is cool too 
AppleNinja on 26.09.2006 08:43:36
I know Iridi, everyone knows...
Iridi on 26.09.2006 08:44:27
all are cool 
AppleNinja on 26.09.2006 08:45:12
Buziol i think that You should open up the comments on the mario develpo page again.
AppleNinja on 26.09.2006 08:47:10
Iridi... We knows they are.
AppleNinja on 26.09.2006 08:53:58
Iridi Latly both of us are posting so much things.
Iridi on 26.09.2006 08:54:57
yes i think so too lol
Iridi on 26.09.2006 08:56:15
open MF develop page!   if you will make 4.5!!! 
Iridi on 26.09.2006 08:56:52
cool cool cool 
Iridi on 26.09.2006 08:57:35
i miss my ideas....
AppleNinja on 26.09.2006 09:00:08
Iridi... you did that cool thing again, i know i have spammed a tiny bit as well but you say that everywhere!!
AppleNinja on 26.09.2006 09:01:01
Everyone had ideas so im sure that not all of them could be checked.
AppleNinja on 26.09.2006 09:02:04
Also BGS in mario Forever 2 if you make it next year, i think you should add the minus world easter egg so its like the NES more.
Krki on 26.09.2006 15:20:11
When is version 4.0 gioing to be finished and released?
Shyguy fan on 26.09.2006 16:45:08
Any new items?Hope Mega 
Mushroom is here.My most favorite item
Iridi on 27.09.2006 12:25:19
will the game will be saved each level BGS? I hope so! 
Iridi on 27.09.2006 12:27:10
i dont want to play a level lots of time if I die on next levels....
Iridi on 28.09.2006 07:38:13
release it on Oct 10th 
AppleNinja on 28.09.2006 14:42:48
Yeah Mega Mush would be cool except there is no mega mush sprite from Mario allstars.
AppleNinja on 28.09.2006 14:47:49
Krki it will be realeased from 5th to 15th of October!
Iridi on 28.09.2006 17:45:09
yes I known Blink   but i would like it to be released on 10th 
Iridi on 28.09.2006 17:46:27
I like cooler jumping Lui and Fire flower with their items upgrade 
Iridi on 28.09.2006 17:47:29
Jumping Lui with double and triple jump! 
ben_mohan on 01.10.2006 07:00:35
is this gonna be the same game with improvments or continuing on Mario Forever???
mariobagility on 04.10.2006 14:45:52
that's super!!! It's a funny level editor. it will be great!
Iridi on 07.10.2006 15:49:44
everything will be cool!!! 
Zebra on 08.10.2006 04:51:44
Zebra on 08.10.2006 04:53:25
Im going to make a HUGE underwater maze. Even better, a WORLD full of mazes!  That would be brilliant. No... I mean FANTASTIC!!!
wojtekplchicago on 11.10.2006 16:23:38
just 4 more day and game will be for download 
Iridi on 12.10.2006 17:12:58
3 days left...
reinforcedmaster on 13.10.2006 12:11:13
2 days left...
reinforcedmaster on 13.10.2006 12:11:55
I like the Level Editor, super graphics, ...
AppleNinja on 24.10.2006 12:02:16
Hi HoodyWoodyMan . Forum or Shoutbox or Profile edit buttons?

I think Hoody meant the admin controls for this section, to edit offtopic MF 4.0 or offtopic BGS related posts.
14 Jax on 25.11.2006 13:26:30
 Love that I stumpled onto your site. Its my best stumple by far. You're awesome Buz. Thanks a million. Keep up the fantastic work and THANKS FOR SHARING!!!!!
thu on 09.12.2006 13:19:16
Peter the Mario King on 01.01.2007 16:11:24
Really cool pictures!
ronelm2006 on 02.01.2007 10:39:12


I cannot download it!!!!!!!!
sarah anderson on 09.01.2007 21:33:40
Hello all, My name is sarah anderson. I just want you too know, I love working with mario and you. I`ll be uploading soon to you soon. 
sonic12 on 26.01.2007 01:36:48
WOW. Looks good. Nice Work
sarah anderson on 29.01.2007 06:11:21
Did you know mario worker is the best! I know cause I`ve check them out. Thank you so much buziol
gamefreak on 31.01.2007 16:56:04
I want the Mario Worker NOW!!!! 
Super Mario Bros Mean Waligi on 17.02.2007 03:44:30
Super Mario Bros Mean Waligi on 17.02.2007 03:45:28
FMasic on 19.02.2007 17:40:05
Only 29 votes for awesome?
udayjpr on 20.02.2007 11:02:02
plz sand me new link
FMasic on 25.02.2007 17:26:56
Send what link? 
Zebra on 17.03.2007 01:43:50
no there's lots of votes for awsome  the error was fixed
FMasic on 29.04.2007 18:56:06
Well, you can just multi-click the post vote button and it'll add extra 

Mario Games

Mario Forever 4.0 Beta

Posted by Admin_BGS on 13.10.2006 19:25:59 7 Comments · 5859 Reads

Everyone can download BETA version of Mario Forever + Mario Worker. If you'll find a bug please post in on forum. Best regards.



Mario Games

Mario Forever Update to version 3.5!

 Posted by Buziol_Games on January 30 2006 06:37:40 8 Comments · 302 Reads

List of the most important changes in Mario Forever :

- Two new hidden hardcore worlds, characterized by a high difficult level.
- Internet score mini game with possibility of uploading your scores onto a website containing the Mario Forever's official Hall of Fame.
- Fast scoring on end of each level.
- Maps ,victory screens, level completed splash screens are extremally compress and optimized, with meens game required less memory support than before. This is good news for all an old machines PC users!!!
+ I've vanished some graphics/details from maps.
+ I've made "memory grouping objects system".
+ Remove some graphics effects like transparency, image blending from map.
+ Now all maps have one global graphics first layer for background - 'old manuscript'.
 Posted by Buziol_Games on January 30 2006 06:37:40


Mario Games

Screens section update.

Posted by Buziol_Games on luty 01 2006 21:34:45 6 Comments · 180 Reads

Screens section update - Yep, that's absolutly right. If you're looking for some screens showing new hardcore worlds in Mario Forever, you should jump to SCREEN section, and take a little route with you both eyes. Have a nice while.

Click on me! - If you'd like to take a visit route.

By the way, in my next step I will try to fix the submiting score process in Mario Forever Minix.
Best regards for all!


Mario Games

Mario Forever Minix - submit your score!

Posted by Buziol_Games on luty 03 2006 09:18:06 15 Comments · 212 Reads 

Yessssss! Yessss! Hihihi!It's alive! It's working! 
You'll ask me, what is working? 
And I say - Mario Forever Minix the score submitting. Now, everyone can fight for first 100 places on Hi-Score table.. Who will be the BEST?! We will see soon.

Click on me if you'd like to see score table!

Have a nice day and be the best!


Mario Games

The Looking of Mario Forever

Posted by Buziol_Games on 02 06 2006 23:06:34 11 Comments · 204 Reads 

It's nice to see, as Buziol Games is growing up with new users, probably i should say players. Many people have wrote to my e-mail about BGS web site and our games, many of them were asked me about more stuff, but it doesn't meen about games only, but about more stuff like wallpapers, music, pictures and other cool sources of fun. And I'd like to aim Buziol Games Software site to hi-quality game making portal and especially build it keeping in mind this one very important thing.

Last time I've updated extras section with the following goodies :

- Movie - Hardcore World 2-1
- Movie - Hardcore World 2-3
- Movie - Hidden Passage
- Mario Forever Music Vol.1

Ok, please take a look to new section, you're welcome! :)


Mario Games
Mario Games

Promote Buziol Games Software on your www site.

Posted by Buziol_Games on luty 25 2006 01:05:52 1 Comments · 37 Reads 

 Promote Buziol Games Software.

No, no! Don't think this is going to be a kind of Christmas outfit - this is just another cool BGS ad. If you would like to support our activity by putting any of our banners onto your website - please do so. That will allow us to come up with new, cool games for your amusement!

My best to y'all. And meanwhile I'll be off doing some work on Urgability 2!


Mario Games

GWAAA! Problems with Internet!

Posted by Skell_Blackmind on 03 27 2006 20:29:30 6 Comments · 75 Reads


Buziol's internet is not working, so he can't neither upload Urbagility II, nor be on forum. In other words, he is completely isolated from Buziol Games. No idea when the problem would be solved, so please be patient.



Mario Games

Mario Forever 3.0 and start the Buziol Games site.

 Posted by Buziol_Games on 24 11 2005 04:19:21 | 35 Comments · 3311 Reads

Welcome to the temporary version of the Buziol Games website. First off, I've decided to introduce the newest version of Mario Forever; some minor bugs have been fixed (this will be most evident and apparent for users with older machines) and i've decided to add fantastic search engine - Mario Forever Search to yours Internet explorer, when you decide to install game. Soon I shall give some more information on my plans for the nearest future; there will be information both on projects that are almost finished and will be available before the end of this year (2005) as well as some info on the ones that I'm planning to finish next year. See you soon!


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